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Your data,
on demand

Powerful Incident Reporting,
Designed For You

This isn’t just a tool for reporting incidents. It’s a tool for transforming your business. With our personalised Logincident system, you will be able to protect your employees, improve your efficiency, and spot risks and opportunities as they happen.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and all Android devices


Better data. Better Decisions.

You can’t have innovation without information. That’s why everything about Logincident is designed to help you unlock the potential of your data. Together, we’ll make your business safer, and smarter.

Designed for your business

We’ll build you a tailored tool that reflects how you work, and captures what you need.

Designed for your system

Logincident can stand alone or integrate with your existing systems giving you the full picture.

Intuitive to use

Capture accidents, near misses, observations, quality defects or whatever events matters to you as they happen using a smart phone or mobile device.

Get the full picture

The addition of all media, GPS, schematics and annotation gives your data more context and you more scope.

Intuitive to use

Capture accidents, near misses, observations, quality defects or whatever events matters to you as they happen using a smart phone or mobile device.

Get the full picture

The addition of all media, GPS, schematics and annotation gives your data more context and you more scope.

Smart analysis

Our customisable dashboard puts powerful data at your fingertips. Make smart changes. Discover big ideas.

Share data, securely

Pass on accurate, actionable data to the people that need it, without compromising your data security.

Record incidents quickly, without the hassle

Better data, better Decisions

See the bigger picture, and get a glimpse of the future

How Logincident works

From workplace to boardroom we’ve designed Logincident to make it as easy as possible to capture and analyse your important data.

Record incidents

Use the app at the source of the incident to input details through tailored dropdowns, free text, media and other features.

Submit incidents

The report is immediately uploaded to the cloud. The right people are automatically alerted and given the relevant information.


Analyse and share

Management can view the individual incident and trends, produce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), transfer selected data to third parties or build a data-driven case for new changes or initiatives.

Simple & Intuitive Interface

Designed to be quick. Designed to encourage use.



Aon is pleased to be working with Logincident towards innovative solutions for businesses. Among many great services, Logincident provides a data recording app which can be tailored for any business and can genuinely enhance risk management processes.

Mike Powell
Marketing Director



Working with Logincident really helps our clients improve their risk profile, contributes to the success of their operation, and ultimately help protect their workforce.

We have found that utilising innovation such as Logincident has been very well received by our clients, and often the most encouraging aspect is the number of positive notifications that we see.

The team at Logincident are flexible and creative to tailor their technology to the specific needs of our clients effectively, and they provide real value to risk mitigation and management.

Matt Reeves
Client Distribution Leader


Finning UK

We have found that Logincident encourages best practice, drives more open communication and provides invaluable learning opportunities. We have seen a dramatic increase in reporting and engagement and are now expanding the data types we capture because the app has been so readily adopted and the results have been so impressive.


Barratt Developments

The Logincident app has helped our team collate more accurate reports on incidents, with consistent information provided quicker and
easier than ever before.

Instant notification makes sure the right people are alerted and can take action while improved MI allows us to keep track and analyse what is happening throughout our business

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Logincident

Logincident is a fully customisable reporting suite, we work with you to build incident types and bespoke workflows.

Yes, Logincident can be tailored to recreate, digitise and enhance your current reports and checklists

Yes, Logincident is fully white labelled with your logo and colour combinations

The app is readily available on the app store and we can work with you to build the system on your own store. We work with all MDM (Mobile Device Management) platforms and can help create custom onboarding processes – QR Codes & integrated links

No, Logincident will save all user information, and this can be pre-populated before sign-in to allow for quick and effortless submission

The Logincident dashboard has standard or custom access levels, this means that you can control who sees which information and when

Yes, users can submit incidents directly via the web-based dashboard as well as the mobile application

Anyone. We work with you to create a notification structure which can alert and assign action to users based on the incident or creator profile details. Your Logincident system can notify multiple people with links or a PDF of the Incident details

Yes, using our enterprise technology we can integrate with your HR, Back-office, Operational or Facilities systems to automate everything from your SLAM (Starters, Leavers and Movers) process to Asset Management

Yes, languages are on our technology roadmap and we aim to have these available in 2021. If you are interested in a multi-language setup, please get in touch and we can move this up our roadmap

Logincident is compatible with any device

You don’t need the latest phone or tablet to use Logincident. We’ve built it to be compatible with both Android and iOS-compatible devices, you can input, view and edit your records with the device you have to hand.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

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Every Logincident tool is customised to the needs of your business. So get in touch today, and find out how we can help you.

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