Logincident is a mobile app and dashboard which records vital incident information about accidents, near misses and examples of good health and safety practice.

We can tailor for your business or you can adopt our standard precedents.

Logincident provides or enhances your risk management and/or accident recording system.

about Logincident

The Logincident app is designed to simply and intuitively guide the user through a sequence of questions and features such photos, schematics and GPS to capture the maximum amount of information in the shortest time. Whether adopting our standard type precedents or creating your own the app enables you to record at the scene and instantly store.

A cloud based secure dashboard uniformly stores all the data submitted. Individual incidents can be viewed and updated and notes and documents can be added. Aggregated data can be analysed for trends and presented in graphical format.

Pre-populated notification features means the right people can be notified of incidents at the right time.

Logincident is committed to effective incident management.

key Features

the application