Reporting Strategically: What Stories Are You Telling With Your Data?

We’re used to hearing that data is valuable.

People who aren’t collecting data about their companies could be missing out on valuable insight into what’s happening, where they’re going, and where they *could* be going.

But what lesson are we learning from that?

For some, the response has been to focus on collecting as much as possible. Often without a strong idea of what they’re going to do with it. And if we’re just filing huge bundles of forms and data away in locked filing cabinets “for later”, it’s not going to lead to any meaningful change.

One example that’s been frequently cited in incident reporting is the case of British Airways, which had 47-four-drawer filing cabinets full of investigations in 1989. Examining those cabinets for trends and interesting comparisons would have taken a huge amount of man-hours, and therefore the files were of limited strategic use.

Your incident reports could be so much more valuable than that. Thanks to developing technology and a better appreciation of data, forward-thinking companies are able to:

– Design forms and processes that help them to get the data they want, to tell the stories that matter

– Bring multiple data sources together, to get a bigger picture

– Design dashboards that help them to observe valuable information, quickly see the impact of tests, and discover new ideas or solutions

Logincident helps you to do all three of these things.

With our help, you can put together a bespoke reporting process, that empowers your workforce to get you the information you need without stress. You can work with us to tweak this as much as necessary, until you’re happy that you’re getting the most complete and valuable story of what’s going on in your workplaces.

From there, you can integrate your incident reports into your existing IT setup. Maybe your incident reporting information isn’t telling a story on its own. But what if it was compared with other sites, or cross-referenced with other data from other sources in the organisation?

Our cloud-based digital solution means that you’re now able to choose which information to focus on without wading through endless filing cabinets. And that’s a major leap in starting to see this kind of data as part of understanding what’s going on in your organisation.

But it’s more than that: It’s also an opportunity to discover new ideas, new processes, and new innovations.

With a clear dashboard of data that you choose, you can start testing the impact of certain tweaks on other parts of the organisation, or on your most important KPIs. Maybe you spot a problem you want to resolve, or a trend you want to test. With our dashboard, you can see the impact of any changes in your process quickly.

In this fast-paced digital world, the most successful companies are learning that it’s important to be agile, to test new ideas quickly, and to learn and build.

With Logincident, you can gather the information you need to tell a clear and compelling story to decision-makers in your company, who may need strong information to make vital changes. Or you can test subtle changes to your processes, and see how they impact your KPIs, your workplace safety, or your team’s health and morale.

Maybe you can even test a new idea, which can become a new product or process, and maybe a new revenue stream.

Companies are recognizing the potential of data more than ever. But just collecting data for collecting’s sake is like playing all the piano keys at once. To deliver something really powerful, you’ve got to select which keys you want to play, and how to turn them into something that will really have an impact.

If that sounds compelling to you, talk to us today, and we’ll build you an app that will help you tell your story.