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Five Ways That Logincident Can Help Your Business

Five Ways That Logincident Can Help Your Business

t’s almost impossible to put a price on the safety and well-being of your workforce.

Incidents happen, but being informed, smart and responding to them quickly can transform the morale, efficiency and potential of any organisation.

Logincident can help you keep track of incidents, note “near-misses” and spot risks before they escalate. And that alone makes it worth considering.

But it’s so much more than that. And – what’s more – it can have an impact at all levels of your organisation.

So why choose Logincident? And what could it mean for you?

1) We’ll help you consider what you want from your reporting

Most companies have some form of incident reporting process. Maybe it’s mostly made up of paper forms, which are filled in, reviewed, and filed in the corner of a room full of cabinets.

If that’s the case, our app can help you to adopt a new, more efficient digitised process, with records stored in the cloud for easy access. And maybe you can free up that room full of cabinets for something else.

But maybe you’re already storing your reports on computers, or using online forms? How could Logincident help you then?

Because – with us – you’ll be able to create a process that’s designed for you. And that means that you get to decide what you *actually* want from a reporting process, rather than settle for whatever’s closest.

Maybe your existing forms are simply designed to match the requirements of your industry regulations. Maybe they’re an old template, and it simply hasn’t been worth the time or expense to change it.

However, the world is changing quickly. And with our affordable solution, you can start asking questions about the information you want to collect, and why. You can work with your workforce to design something that makes sense to what your business is doing now. And you can tweak your processes until you’ve got the clearest possible picture of your business.

2) We’ll help your employees see reporting in a new light

Who benefits from an incident reporting system that’s tailored to your business? The people who generally have to fill in the reports.

A bad, unfocused reporting system can be a nightmare for workers. Maybe they’re filling in forms that don’t feel like they relate to the workplace they’re in. Maybe they’re forced to go searching for information that isn’t easily available, or doesn’t feel relevant. Maybe they’re being asked questions that make them worry about being blamed, or don’t feel like they will lead to positive changes in the organisation.

A lack of staff buy-in can be a real blow to a system like this. It could lead to workers filing incomplete reports, or not reporting “near-misses” that could later escalate to bigger incidents. We can help you design a reporting process that’s easy for the user to fill in, that captures “near-misses” and positive observations that others can act on, and moves reporting away from “blame” to “improvement”.

3) We’ll give you access to more data

If your incident reporting data is often incomplete, and not tailored to how you work, there’s a good chance that you don’t see it as a valuable data source for your organisation.

With a bespoke system that’s easy to use, we can improve the chances of you getting a steady flow of complete, valuable data. And we can also integrate Logincident into your existing IT system, so you can quickly compare that data to other sources across your sites, and across your organisation.

Want to test a theory about how a new process affects incidents, or staff satisfaction? Want to see the impact of a subtle change on productivity? Our dashboard can help you to see the effects of what you try at a glance, and help you tell the real story of how your operation is progressing.

4) We’ll give it to more people (while keeping it safe)

It’s all too easy for larger organisations to fall into siloes. And that means that there may be people in your workforce who aren’t getting the data they need to come up with big, exciting ideas.

Our system allows you to select who gets access to the data you’re collecting. That means that the right people get to see the data they need at the right time, so they can take note and take action. But it also means that you can deliver data to people who might be able to see a bigger picture, compare and contrast data sources, and bring you insights that might cause you to see your business differently.

And you can do all this without compromising the security of your data.

5) We’ll help you think about the potential of that data

Work with us to deliver an app tailored to your needs, and you’ll receive a flow of data that’s more relevant, complete, accessible and useful.

You’ll get a new stream of information that can be compared to other sources across your organisation.

You’ll be able to spot trends that may not have been obvious before, and quickly spot the results of tweaks and tests on your workplace or your KPIs.

You’ll also be better placed to use that data to tell the story you always wanted to tell – whether it’s about the safety of your organisation, the improvements you’ve made, or the potential of a new process or product.

Your innovative, forward-thinking organisation could be on the verge of building something great. Logincident can give you some of the tools you need to make it happen.